La Verdadera Voluntad

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True Will (Verdadera voluntad)

Art in essence is a calling for truth.

During the mortal existence of men their true will takes dominion of their physical and mental skills transforming them into something else, a superior being that is capable of knowing their truth within. This transformation helps them explore emotions, nature and the universe so that they can share with others their experiences guided by truth. This act is deeply aligned with rediscovering the ultimate meaning of our lives.

The true will is a condition not an instrument, it is the absolute consciousness potential that rules the inner world of men and therefore is responsible for creating the outside world in conjunction with others.

Essence can only be destroyed if true will is removed. Historically men has removed from others freedom, knowledge, wealth, love, etc... But something kept their essence beyond the conditional emotions that can be manipulated by others. This isn’t a temporary idea or a belief nor is it an empirical statement. Everything that affects our minds or bodies is directly related with our Will; who is our true source as intelligent beings and is responsible for unifying our rational, emotional and physical aspects in search for unconditional love and truth.

The concept of Will is timeless; it explains how human discoveries, knowledge, wisdom and contributions travel through time into us causing a profound impact.

The true will is not an isolated occurrence; it is adaptive and is constantly evolving since it is not an individualistic drive.

True will connects us all with no particular interest.

Villanueva Francisco 27/11/08

"The whole system that we live in, drills into us that we are powerless, that we are weak, that society is evil, that it's crime ridden and so forth. It is all a big fat lie! We are powerful, beautiful, and extraordinary. There is no reason why we cannot understand who we truly are where we are going. There is no real why the average individual cannot be fully empowered. We are incredibly power beings."

-Tim Galloway

"I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality."

-Martin Luther King Jr.

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Debería figurar esa última frase en la definición de ironía de la Real Academia Española...dado que lo mataron a M.L.K, y espero que creyera en algo más fuera de la realidad (despues de la muerte), si no..terrible sorpresa

La idea claramente habla de la "realidad" del hombre en lo que toma por verdadero en este mundo...

Demasiado "reality" shows estas viendo pibe, no se como llegaste a la conclusion de que se referia a una realidad carnal del tipo temporal. Como una "realidad" de la calle o que se yo...algo así de banal.


jaja llori malinterpretaste la frase.

I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. That is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.

Martin Luther King

Es la frase completa; hasta incluye que su muerte esta relacionada con lo dicho...el llego a una conclusion muy parecida a la mia con el tema del egoismo como verdadero mal en nosotros.

Lo que esta escrito en este post lo escribi yo apartir de lo que descubri en la musica; es una sintesis del libro que tengo pensado hacer con la ayuda de moony y mariano.

Acordate que es un blog de Arte, no el blog de Show Match.

AJAJJAJAJAJAJAAJJA, el blog de show match......SNAP!

increible texto strip,me ha encantado.

Hey adri, gracias me costo unos cuantos años llegar a algo mas o menos conciso de lo que estoy buscando. Empezo cuando arranque a tocar el piano y sin haber leido ningun libro llegue a la conclusion apartir de mi realidad y con la ayuda de la musica y el arte a ese conocimiento.

Falta mucho pero es un principio.

Alguien pidio en el post de FUTILE que hiciste que lo subas de nuevo, fijate cuando tengas tiempo.


hace rato que nadie entra estamos todos re ocupados.