Porcupine Tree: Behind The Incident: A Discussion Of Concepts And Values With Steven Wilson

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The age of The Aquarian

Porcupine Tree are featured on the cover New Jersey’s alt mag, The Aquarian Weekly. In the interview, SW comments upon what he regards as the increasingly unadventurous nature of music being listened to by so many people at the moment. “Nowadays, the music the kids listen to is to is more conservative than the music their parents listened to. Their parents were listening to The Smiths or Slayer or Pink Floyd. Now the kids are listening to Green Day and Metallica, which is much more conservative musically than what their parents were listening to, and I think this is the first generation you could say that of.” You can read the full article here.

(para ver en español esta entrada usen el Google Translator que se encuentra a la columna de la derecha de la página y lo mismo para ver en español la nota)

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