MUY RECOMENDADO: Hibernal - Replacements (2014)

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  1. Hibernal - Replacements Part I

  2. Hibernal - The City Ebbs Away

  3. Hibernal - Evasion
I have always enjoyed science fiction genre, from movies/series such as Blade Runner, Almost Human to games like Mass Effect and Shadowrun. One fundamental element of these creations I enjoy is the atmosphere achieved by their narrative. 

Mark Healy has accomplished a flawless atmosphere through the entire album with exceptional music and intriguing lyrical narrative. 

I had my doubts about listening to an album that had a story narrated while music was playing in the back since I had mixed experiences in the past with this sort of “storytelling meets music” concept, but Replacements changed my notion on how well a narrative can blend with music.

Though narrative is a main focus on this album the musical aspect is not strictly accompanying, each individual track has its own mood generator that emerges between narrations as very enjoyable post-rock music.

The vocal work on this album is really good and as captivating as it is it also delivers a lot of emotion. 

The art cover by Yiğit Köroğlu is amazing, it caught my attention while reading about new releases on the internet and led me to Hibernal.

I highly recommend this album for everyone interested in a good dosis of sci-fi narrative and for fans of modern post-rock, "satisfaction guaranteed"!


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