The Tangent - A Place In The Queue (2006)

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The Tangent - A Place in The Queue

Best Symphonic Prog Album of the year?... Almost there...

We all heard Yes, and we know nowadays 45 years old progressive fans of that Era talks about "Tales from a Topographic Ocean..." and how it changed their lives and i got the chance to listen to every Yes album and it wasnt very clear what was the magic in their music, specially after Listen PFM or bands that didnt come out from UK. Current days prog listeners need FUSION, theres so much music to listen to, why not fusion the best of all into a single album?... that would make us modern listeners happy, like Tales did once in the late 70's...

The lyrics play a HUGE roll in this album, its incredible how they actually achieved modern lyrics for 2000's realistic and strong the lyrics are just ridiculously well gathered. Getting into the lyrics is easy since the music behind it is incredible, i mean the Jazzy sections makes The Tangent one of the final steps on symphonic prog appreciation. Though theres a lot of progressive exageration sections, especially soloings on In Earnest ...they sound that they are just delivered for "proggy sound", but you end liking it anyways.

What makes this record incredible amazing is the artistic ambience it has fusioned with standard progressive; without the artistic sides it would have sounded like some "Tales from..." but it ended being a different door for those who liked Yes at first and there it was "Steve howes guitar tunning is awfull", "Jon anderson voice is kind of annoying" etc... what i felt Yes lacked, The tangent added using modern fusions, interesting lyrics, and jazz...

Every musician just brought to this record one of their best inspired thoughts..Manning, Travis, Baine . it was like this holy bag, and they started throwing their wealth in there, making it invaluable...

5 Stars for bringing it in times we really need this kind of concepts and to feel we are not robots...Old guy asked me why there wasnt music like in the 70's...and i answered "Well i've seen Woodstocks dvds and you see how everyone was playing the guitar, and how war made people sick of the world, and they wanted to change it and etc...nowadays the "school + university + job" is way more systematic and "must do" nowadays in society...most musicians that appears in some cases are marginalized in some way...not only economically, and also general life concerns...but we all know there are lot of young and not so young musicians doing incredible music even now...that gives us hope and show how music has evolved and so have we.

I believe this record consists essentially with pieces that are listed on a "work of art", and it will be interesting to review the ingredients list of Mark Rothko to acknowledge this music :

There must be a clear

PREOCCUPATION WITH DEATH - intimations of mortality....Tragic art, romantic art, etc. deals with the knowledge of death.

SENSUALITY. Our basis of being concrete about the world. It is a lustful relationship to things that exist.

TENSION. Either conflict or curbed desire.

IRONY. This is a modern ingredient-the self effacement and examination

WIT and PLAY....for the human element.

The EPHEMERAL and CHANCE....for the human element.

HOPE. 10% to make the tragic concept more endurable. 

Think about it...

Stay Classy

(el review está en ingles porque la crítica la hice para en el 2006)

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