MUY RECOMENDADO: "Prayrie Go Round" de Hoyt Binder

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  1. Hoyt Binder - Hip To Believen'

  2. Hoyt Binder - Trip Over

  3. Hoyt Binder - I Found You

  4. Hoyt Binder - Leap Of Faith

  5. Hoyt Binder - Missing Donnie

"Prayrie Go Round" has just revived my interest in fusion again! I have not been excited by a new Jazz-Rock Fusion release for many years and I must admit this album gathers the best ingredients from progressive rock and jazz rock adding hearth to it.

It is like mixing 70's bands such as PASSPORT and MODRÝ EFEKT with the most clever elements from the 80's and the sum pretty much ends being a profound music with meaning to it. These ingredients that have deepness and thought, along with some really sharp and aesthetic music playing is what ladies and gentleman can be described as "Prayrie Go Round" by Hoyt Binder.

What occurs in this album is that these jazz, rock, metal, funk, pop and folk fusions have a voice on their own in the hands of Hoyt. I mean in terms of composition. The playing is definetely fantastic but what shines here to me above all are the compositions skills and the ideas put together to create each individual track.

The maturity of a musician is very important when considering its potential as an artist, and I believe Hoyt has achieved his uniqueness with this material already. Apart from being a very solid Jazz-Rock Fusion album Prayrie Go Round has also shed light upon the importance of developing music for the senses and making music for arts sake.

Regardless the effort musicians do to create something new or special the importance relies mostly on purpose and while listening to the album you can clearly understand how mastery and purpose together creates fresh music such as this.

Musicianship is amazing, a while ago I heard an album by Brazilian Jazz-Rock fusion band called "Dig Trio" (Spectacular Album by the way) and Prayrie Go Round reminds me some of it. I  haven't felt the same energy since then and Toss Panos (Drums) and Paulo Gustavo (Bass) somehow forces you to enjoy the tracks with their playing. I normally object drums playing on jazz rock albums but Mister Toss Panos work in here is just flawless, really. Trevor Lloyd (Violin) makes the corners shine closing the perfect circle these gentlement have arranged.

Another amazing fact of the album is that none of the solos, even  bass solos, are forgettable! They all make sense.

I really enjoy Binder's guitar playing style and I am hoping to hear more of his Jazz-Rock Fusion ideas in the near future, I can not wait to know what else their creative minds will show us next.

If you enjoy Bela Fleck & The Flecktones, Jeff Beck, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Vital Information and Fusion in general specially with some progressive elements you will like this album instantly.

My favourite tracks are Hip To Believen', I Found You, Trip Over, Leap of Faith and Missing Donnie.

Highly Recommended 4,5/5

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