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Overground Music got in my hands accidentally 6 years ago when I was looking for an album from ELP (Emerson Lake And Palmer) called “Brain Salad Surgery” I paid ELP's album in advance and never saw the cover so when I went to the store to get the album the guy wasn’t there and his brother that was replacing him had no idea who ELP was, he grabbed an album that had a “A la Keith Emerson” postick and he gave it to me thinking it was Brain Salad. I argued with the guy that the CD wasn’t from ELP since they were obviously not from Hungary and at the time I didn’t even know that Hungarians made progressive music (I was 17 years old). Since my disc wasn’t there I asked if he could play some of the music from this “A la keith emerson” Hungarian album…the music hypnotized me, I then decided to buy this album. I got home and inserted the disc on the music system and was amazed when I heard “Confess your beauty” solo, the vocals sounded weird at the beginning though, and it’s the only thing that took some time for me to get into.

Overground Music is a very special piece of art indeed, is has been one of the closest music I have heard that reminds me of a metaphor used by painters to describe when this sort of invaluable art are brought to this world. This album certainly has been done like if their creators “grabbed the pencil in the middle” to me (the metaphor means that the balance between the subconscious feeling and the technique will reveal its true meaning on expression).

After Crying just did an incredible unbelievable virtuous album but at the same time with the passion that it needed to be colored.

This record opened unconsciously the path for me through arts, and somehow awakened a part of me that gave me the chance to understand and discover the art of playing the piano from inside-out.

Confess Your Beauty instrumental section is a masterpiece that has transcended the idea of a solo section in a song for me... behind the inspiration for that section is were relies the mysterious ingenious and intellect of men...some fantastic achievements like this one gives a certain meaning to our existence.

Listening to this album when I was a kid was when the journey really began. It might work as well for others and I hope it does. Many records have awakened the “ears of my ears”, and the “eyes of my eyes”; but this was the first one that helped that to happen. I really believe that albums like this one teaches us the most valuable things in life.

Review by: Villanueva Francisco (StripTheSoul)

"What moves men of genius, or rather what inspires their work, is not new ideas, but their obsession with the idea that what has already been said is still not enough."

- Eugene Delacroix

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